Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thank You

I might as well come right out and admit that this post is simply paying tribute to my friends around the world. This summer, more than any other in recent years, it seems as if everyone I know and care about is flying to and fro around the world. Whilst a dear friend of mine from Croatia is about to jump on a plane and make the trip of her life to LA, another from here in the UK is currently sitting in a swish hot tub overlooking San Francisco bay - probably on the lookout for a Nandos, knowing her as I do.
A friend from Australia has visited three times so far, once coming back from Scotland (bringing me an edible cow-poo), once coming back from Italy and who knows where from next time. Whilst here we toured around the country to various towns (and cities, sorry Chester), never stopping still for very long, except to indulge in choc milk and vodka in large measures.
Friends from Germany and Holland have also been and gone twice. I've endured the twin assaults of crazy fans of both Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon, with a little Evi for good measure!
I mustn't of course forget the great people here in the UK, and trips to Coventy, Chester and other places over the course of the summer have all resulted in great times, lots of ice cream, and sad goodbyes.
There are yet more friends I guess I'll have to wait for the next Dido tour to meet again. Football crazy Spanish girls to whom hugs are long overdue, or personal apologies I still have to make to my Swiss friend whom I missed in London a month or so ago. Then there are friends in Brasil and elsewhere in South America who send me such wonderful gifts in the mail.
So to all of you guys, only a few of whom read I know read this blog, I send out my love to all of you for enriching my life and for just... well, being awesome.


Ester said...

Hey Charlie!

Lovely post :-) oh and I am thinking of coming to the UK around New Year hehe, visiting Faye in London, maybe we can meet up then too :-) ahh well nothing's sure yet tho but I most definitely wanna meet you sometime :-D

Take care and hopefully talk soon,

xx Est

DidesCharlie said...

Aww, we definitely gotta meet up. That what it is all about. :) Keep me posted.


Iva said...

Charlie my friend!!!

that is such an incredible post, you really do get it dont you? and by "it" i mean what its all about, the distance, the friendships that dont care about such earthly barriers, the warmth of knowing someone very very far away is thinking about you... well i am!!! i really cant believe where the road has taken me this time, but it is wonderful and exciting and i cannot wait to tell you the full story! until then... take care my friend!

- Iva xxx

DidesCharlie said...

Aww, I can't wait to hear all about it Iva, I really can't. Even DIdo knows that you're having fun in LA right now!


KaH said...

Everyone together now...



You rock mate and so did that Chocmilk and Vodka, not to mention everything else. Thanks again mate for being such a brilliant host!

DidesCharlie said...

Mmmm, chocmilk and vodka - that was such a fantastic night - and we listened to such great music too.