Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Negative One To Ten

This isn't a news type of blog, but this news has been bugging me for ages now. My favourite band of recent times, Tsunami Bomb, split up a few months ago. A punk band in the best sense of the word, they stood up fiercely for their independence and freedom of voice. In the end it seemed that business pressures overtook the band as they gained more success, and rather than tow the corporate line like so many others, they split.
With just two albums they imprinted themselves on my mind, a sublime mix of incendiary guitars and intricate yet unfussy arrangements provided the perfect backdrop for singer Agent M's forceful cajoling vocals. Okay, let's stop there before I get washed away in a sea of hyperbole. Let's just say that they were fantastic, and I miss them to bits.
Here's one of their lyrics - 'Negative One To Ten':

So these girls live on my street,
or I guess I live on theirs.
They thought I was showing them,
but really they made me aware
just how momentous music is,
and why we should care.
Songs stay with your your whole life,
remind you of time spent and time gone.
Carry you through dismal days,
and help you to carry on.
I owe so many positive times to my favorite songs.
It can be more than just sounds and words -
it can be something that saves you
from yourself,
your thoughts,
your life,
your world.
It can be more than a favorite line -
it can be something that shapes you when you're young,
but give you freedom at the same time.

(Lyrics by Agent M : From the album 'The Definitive Act')


Ester said...

I love those lyrics! and I've heard of Tsunami Bomb,but never actually heard their music... so sad when a band/artist you really like split up/stops... I can still remember all the fuss around the Spice Girls lol.. meh whatever Spice Girls were more a hype than anything else imo. whatever.

DidesCharlie said...

Well, here's a good one to see them in action, the video for Dawn on a Funeral Day, which sums up there anti-corporate stance pretty good - "I've been steamrolled by gold records"...