Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today, I have a lovely picture for you. How could I be anything but inspired having sights like this just a few miles from my house? It's gazing at these rolling views, with the wind bluffing around my ears, that makes me think about things like doing this blog (there you go folks, blame nature, not me). After a time, I can go back there and wonder how many people actually read it.
Walks in the countryside are truly ace though. It must be a combination of the view and the amplified effects of the weather that forces you into feeling both alive and part of some huge organic happening. If this is the place you go to when you are lost, you always come away with hope. As I said, it's ace.
Every time I have friends come to stay there's an obligatory visit, and it always generates such wonderful winning conversations. I guarantee that whatever the topic is on the journey there, it will be an entirely different one on the way back. And by that I mean the whole tone of a conversation will have changed - more positive and more at home with the world.


Ester said...

wow Charlie! I wanna come visit you ;-) It seems like such an amazing place! *sigh* So is this also where you go to when you are stressed or something and you need to get ease at mind.. to blow off steam and such?

take care Charlie :-) I love reading your posts :-D

DidesCharlie said...

For blowing off steam I usually go on xbox live and kill my friends there at whatever game we're all currently playing - but for general stress and ease of mind - THAT countryside is the place.
I guess many/most people have a special place they go to for sorting their head out, and I suppose I'm just a country boy at heart, so that's where I go.


DidesCharlie said...

That's Anne and Marie in the picture by the way.

emma said...

You want to try living in CHESHIRE! emma

DidesCharlie said...

Well, as far as town's go - couldn't believe how beautiful Chester was. Apart from that car park where I thought my car had been stolen.

Emma said...

Haha, Thankyou... but it's a city! I showed you the Cathedral and everything!

Some photos I took at the goyt valley-->

errr, a sheep jumping over a wall.

Emma said...

And don't say SPAZ, it's highly offensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DidesCharlie said...

Well thanks for those pics Emma. Do you have bigger versions? I could put them on the main page. We could have a 'favourite tranquil pictures' section or something. :)