Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sunrise, sunrise.
My whole being jiggles imperceptibly in a lovely shuffle, tuned to the rays of light peeping around the curtain's edges - warm tendrils caressing me awake.
I look at you in this light. Sometimes I find you asleep, lids closed and breathing so softly, but mostly you look right back, an inescapable smile tentatively peeping around the corners of your mouth. We might be like this forever, floating gently as if suspended in amber, each rapt in the other's gaze. There's nowhere else we want to be.
The most tender part of the day. Eyes accustoming themselves to the light, heartbeat increasing oh so slightly at the brush of movement alongside me.
The day ahead has the unknown in store for us. There will be all sorts of unforeseen activities ahead for both of us at work or for friends - but this shared morning light is ours alone to treasure and to think about when we are apart.
Sunrise, sunrise.
It lasts for such a short precious time. The alarm always intrudes. Most people's alarm clocks wake them up, but ours is a last minute warning of impending reality, and that magical feeling fades slowly away - as it does each day - soundtracked by the morning soundtrack of buses and cars drifting through the open window. Inevitably, the day intrudes - it always does.


Iva said...

ahh, NOW you're talking Charlie! i was so waiting to read your first "in love" post hehe. i can honestly say that i relate to every letter you wrote there. though falling asleep with the person you love can be just as nice :)

take care xxx

emma said...

soppy muppet! bleugh!! hahaha ! x em

Charlie said...

hehe! Thanks both of you.

KaH said...

Sooo beautiful Charlie mate!!!

I bumped my little "Charlie for new tour diary writer" thread by the way...