Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Million Smiles An Hour

I can only straddle a crestywave of positivity today. I'm tinkering around. I'm listening to music very very loud. I'm writing stuff. S'all good.
Earlier on I drank the milkiest frothiest coffee. I ate the crispiest bacon with buttery perfect toast. Now I'm charging batteries. Metaphorically and literally.
It's raining outside, but it's a good rain. The sunshine is waiting around impatiently, occasional rays shooting through the clouds and glinting off passing cars like some secret semaphor.
I'm surrounded by stuff today - hundreds of microjobs that won't do themselves. Washing up, writing, reviews, letters. I want to spread positivity today and clean my plates. Is the world ready? One step at a time, cutlery first.
Every surface in my house seems piled with pulp - paper upon mag stacked high. Football, music, videogames, fiction, politics. My eyeballs cannot deal with it on their own. I'll absorb it all and then go pop! A word that demands an exclamation point.
Every time I stretch in a mini-yawn I do a little move of my head like a Kali-dancer in time to the music. I'm probably on stage somewhere in my head. I sometimes shiver with the thought of the unknown and the undone.
I'm going to go do.


emmmrrrrrrr said...

Did you just say you have reviews to do?? TOO DAMN RIGHT !

Sar-ra-ra-rah said...

I wish every surface in my house was piled up with Pulp. Well Candida and young Jarvis maybe. Not current Jarvis...he looks like...
Well he looks like what any man in tinted glasses and a trenchcoat might look like

mini-yawn. Good word. Looks like this:
as opposed to this:

Talk to you soon kid x

DidesCharlie said...

ha - not quite that sort of Pulp, and I certainly don't want Candida in my house - I've read that it's not a nice thing to have...
maybe miniyawn should be a new word, you don't even need the hyphen.