Friday, June 02, 2006

Making sense of things

I still don't have a clear purpose yet. I'm guessing that no-one has read this yet anyway so I'm free to ramble. I don't even know if I can find clarity without writing things down- well that's my excuse anyway.

At this moment, blogging seems like a better idea in the head than on the blank glare of the screen - or maybe its just set myself too abstract a goal? Should I just start again and do one on football or something. Much easier.
It's probably something to do with my hoovering up episodes of 'Lost' at the moment, but I have this vague idea to present readers with seemingly random shots of life and it will all piece together like some gigantic puzzle. Or at least I think that's how readers will perceive it if there's no clear goal from the outset. Of course, life is like that; the puzzle may not fit together at all, or even if it does it might not be worth it. Or it might just look like a pretentious bunch of arse.

And that's part of the point. Is a life worth reading about? If I pretty much tell you right here and now that there is no way this blog, if indeed it ever reaches a conclusion, will ever satisfy like a good TV show or movie can, will anyone still be reading?
I'll admit right now that music, movies, videogames and other aspects of pop-culture will colour my writing. In fact, it was my delving into various videogame-related blogs, and my reaction to what I found there, which initially inspired me to do this.

Actually, that's probably quite a good place to start.


Iva said...

Hello C!

Its me - Iva :). trying to beat everyone else to leaving comments , i just wanted to say that i LOVE the name you chose for this blog! at first i didn't even realise it was a lyric of Dido's , it just sounds really cool and philosophical hehehe... please don't give up on this awsome writing quest and stay motivated to share with us the thoughts and daily events you come across!

-IVA :) xxx

DidesCharlie said...

I'm glad you were the first Iva. I hope you'll spread the word - at least maybe when it starts being worth spreading. I never thought of it as a 'quest' but I realise how that word fits - and I'll need your help with motivation, so feel free to kick my ass whenever you see fit. xx

Ester said...

Hi charlie!

I already love your blog :-) just as Iva I didn't realise the title came from "stoned".
Well I think you should go on with this. It's interesting to read what you have to say! :-)

DidesCharlie said...

Awww thanks Ester. You guys have to tell me if this all makes any sense - or just suggest things. We're all on the road together.